The Night of Pan

by Morten HD

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Working within the realm of modern occultism, The Night of Pan’s main point of inspiration is the different ways one achieves gnosis, the preparatory state of mind and body one must enter before conducting an occult practice. As Morten notes, the EP is really ‘about music and its relationship to our spirituality and rituals. So much of how we consume music is tied to rituals: workout music, clubbing or just listening to music whilst we commute.’

Morten_HD is to grime music what Squarepusher is to breakbeat. He extrapolates the genre’s defining characteristics (square wave stabs, off-beat or syncopated drum patters and heavily warped percussive samples) to unknown territory, often juxtaposing them against or incorporating them into sections with less conventional instrumentation or structure. On ‘Malkuth,’ for example, he places choral samples along-side some brutally rapid percussion hits that evoke the sound of clattering gunfire. Another curveball of the release is the way the tempo and ominous melodic progression of ‘Rite of Extreme Unction,’ which could dupe listeners into thinking a cathartic breakdown was just around the corner, is allowed to sustain the tracks’ uneasy atmosphere forsaking any drums for its entirety.

To call this artist a ‘music producer’ is really to do him a disservice. Morten’s sense of scale, atmosphere and his penchant for the dramatic means that a more accurate description would be that of a sound designer who’s just discovered their love of grime. The Night of Pan is crammed full of cinematic moments, from the pterodactyl screeches of ‘Ordeal’ to the demented marching band anthem of the title track, ’The Night of Pan,’ complete with samples of glass shattering and what sounds like someone crying out in pain. ‘The Death Posture’ starts the EP off by sampling Aleister Crowley’s ethereal chanting. These more organic sounds are often stacked up alongside ultra-mechanical drum sounds, making The Night of Pan a very syncretic and postmodern affair.


released May 15, 2017

Mastering At Subsequent
Artwork by Zgjim



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